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Greenmount Farm Shop
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A Warm Welcome To Greenmount Farm

Greenmount Farm is a traditional award-winning farm and butchers, based just outside Richhill in Co. Armagh, in the lush green landscapes of Northern Ireland. Like any other farm, it's always a hive of activity. The farm belongs to me, Dean Irwin. "I was born and raised on the farm,as we are a family business, on the go for around 300 years. so I know it inside out. I'm passionate about the farm and the animals I rear on it. This is great news for you - as it means the meat my butchers sell is among the best money can buy."

I'm really glad you've found our site because if, like me, you love your meat then you've come to the right place!

Dean Irwin


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Venison Orders

For venison orders please ring Greenmount farm shop


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Due to current problems with delivery, we are only able to do click & collect orders and are not able to deliver at the current time. Delivery orders will return as soon as we have fixed the current issue.

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