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All Creatures Great and Small

The animals at Greenmount Farm are a very fortunate bunch!

Our beef cattle are mainly grass fed, which means that during the spring and summer
months they are kept outside in the fresh air to eat as much grass as they like.
During the winter, they are kept indoors out of the elements and fed on a mixture of
grass clover and forage maize silage - the majority of which is produced from our very
own fields.

Our cattle come from a variety of breeds. These include Aberdeen Angus, Hereford,
Limousin, Charolais, British Blue and Simmental. They are mostly heifers, some of
which are born on the farm while the rest are bought from from other farms as
young as one week old and are slaughtered under 30 months of age.
Many of the major supermarkets use older cattle which in our opinion is not as tender
or tasty.

Our lambs are all born and reared on the farm. Breeds include Suffolk, Charolais and
Texel. Lambs are kept at grass all year round which gives them a consistent mild flavour,
with only the mothers being housed for lambing. Our pigs are mainly reared on the
farm, the rest come from other Co. Armagh farms. The mothers and young pigs have
access to grass fields where they enjoy the freedom of routing around in a natural
environment when the weather is suitable.

Geese and ducks are reared on the farm for Christmas trade and are exclusively free
range with access to grass during daylight hours. Turkeys are reared by a neighbouring
farmer in Co. Armagh. They are free range initially and then extensive barn-reared
where they have freedom to roam around on a sawdust bedding.

Quality as standard

Greenmount Farm is part of the NI Farm Quality Assurance Scheme. This involves
independent inspections of livestock, housing, welfare, and even paperwork. We also
double tag all our animals to ensure that they are always traceable from the moment
they are born until they leave the butcher's counter.

We NEVER feed any of our animals with any growth promoters or hormones
to make them grow quicker.
As a result, our animals grow naturally and have as happy
a life as they can, doing what animals do best - which is usually eating!

We use what we believe to be one of the best-run abattoirs in Northern Ireland. Oakdale
Meats in Lurgan is EU-registered and uses a technique called "dry kill". As Oakdale Meats
is a small abattoir with a relatively small throughput of animals, this puts very little stress
on the animals - unlike some of the larger slaughterhouses.

Getting the best taste

After the animal has been slaughtered, Oakdale Meats hangs the carcase for three to four
days before we take it back to our own premises. The hindquarter is left to hang for about
21 days to mature on-the-bone before it is packed and matured for another 7 to 14 days.
Only then it is sold.

The hanging process is the natural and traditional way of maturing beef to ensure a tender
tasty bite. Many supermarkets do not hang their beef for that length of time as it loses
weight through shrinkage.


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